Our Racing Staff

Miguel "Alcapone" Abreu

Miguel "Alcapone" Abreu is the founder of ACR, and a successful race driver. He has won the Portuguese National Formula Renault championship 3 times, in 2021, 2022 and 2023, racing for the team AdF-ACR, which he also founded and is a partner in. His passion for racing and his experience as a driver have been instrumental in shaping ACR and creating a team that is dedicated to providing the best possible services to young racing talents.

Emerson Fittipaldi
our mentor

Emerson Fittipaldi is our mentor and provides invaluable guidance. With 149 Grand Prix races, two Formula 1 championships, 1 Formula Indy championship, and being a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, he needs no further introduction. His charisma and know-how drive success on and off the track.

Nuno Abreu
team principal

When everything accelerates to the maximum, it is up to you to keep the team's components working in harmony for a single purpose... Victory on every track.

Paulo Chorinca
Computer Engineer

Paulo creates software that allows us to go further, producing digital content that enhances the team's overall performance.

Rajah Wadhani
International affairs

Meet Rajah, the driving force behind international relations and event organization at ACRacing. With a passion for automobiles and a knack for forging meaningful connections, Rajah plays a pivotal role in propelling our company to international prominence. As the mastermind behind ACRacing international relations, Rajah is a true architect of global networks. Our events aren't about business, it's about creating a united community bound by a shared love for the roaring engines and adrenaline-pumping excitement that define our world.
"Life is Better at the Race Track"